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Welcome to Crossfit Culmination - your home for Crossfit in Las Vegas!

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Crossfit is the most engaging, and entertaining way to meet your goals for fitness.

Welcome to Crossfit Culmination! We are the home of Crossfit in the Las Vegas area and want to get you involved. Involved in a way you cannot experience anywhere else. An involvement that you will find yourself excited to workout and not able to wait for the next class. Crossfit is all about getting involved 100%. Giving yourself and your workout 100%. As our saying goes, Always give 100% unless your donating blood. Head over to our about page to learn just what Crossfit is all about. Check out our Programs and Memberships  pages to see the different type of membership options available. Hope to see you at a Crossfit class soon!

CrossFit Culmination Presents Fran on Ice!!

Fran On Ice…. Take the iconic Fran workout, put in on ice in front of 5,000 people and what you get is the best event ever held.

3 Rounds, 21-15-9 reps for time…. The most feared and revered of all CrossFit Workouts…. Fran ! You’re sitting there right now simultaneously thinking “That’s awesome and there’s no way I can do that”. That is where you are wrong! You can do this, it only takes that first step, contact CrossFit Culmination today to schedule your FREE INTRODUCTORY CLASS.



CrossFit Culmination Kids & Teen Programs Begin Soon!!!

Play or Exercise? A child’s body doesn’t know the difference. But their mind tells them when they’re having fun! CrossFit Culmination youth programs make fitness fun!


Who doesn’t love climbing ropes, jumping and building athletic skills all while having a great time? Welcome to the world of CrossFit Culmination Kids & Teen. Using a combination of skill practice, workouts and games to help kids and teens build a lifelong love of fitness by building strength, balance and conditioning along with teaching the importance of good nutrition. Contact us to sign up or for more details.


CrossFit Games – The Open 2014

You will have anxiety, he said. You may bleed, he said. Your muscles may fail you, he said.  I believe in you, he said. What I didn’t believe, was in myself  then the workout began and I crushed it! Now I say “It’s All Worth It”…..

CrossFit Culmination Athletes live by a simple mantra “I may not be the strongest, I may not be the fastest, but I’ll be damned if I’m not trying my hardest”. This mantra is proven here in the 2014 CrossFit Games Open. CrossFit Culmination will be hosting the open workouts for 2014 every Saturday at 10:30 am. Whether you are a competitor looking for a place to drop in, a fan looking to root on an athlete or just curious about this whole CrossFit thing, come join us every Saturday!                        


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